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Shiels+Co Property Projects – No two projects are the same.

From the very beginning of your project, we can work with you to make informed decisions, from location and feasibility through to design features, product mix and inclusions to maximise your investment return. No two projects are the same, and our detailed project plan is designed to deliver the best outcomes to our development partners.


We can actively work with your design team to deliver the optimal product mix to maximise your feasibility return. From the product mix through to level of finishes and inclusions and optional upgrades, our focus is to deliver to the market a product that your core demographic is seeking. Through our focus group review and SWAT analysis, we can work closely with your architect during the design process and final stage review to finalise the plans so they best meet your buyer requirements and preferences. Our in-house interior design team can provide comprehensive interior and exterior selections, along with a finishes/inclusions recommendation that is suited to each project.


The most successful marketing plans create a sense of anticipation, scarcity, and demand. Whilst the temptation may be to just “get on market”, and well-planned project strategy is the key to maximising the demand and sales outcomes of your development.

When we go to market, we want to be well prepared and in control. Projects only get one shot to launch and as most of the execution will be handled by 3rd parties, we spend the time to get them all on the same page. There’s just too much at stake not to. The level of detail and planning in this area can be the difference in achieving a successful campaign.

The first point of call is a detailed meeting to outline your options in the creation of your winning Marketing Campaign. We can help create the Site and Floorplans, Copywriting, Project Logo, and Brand Development as a starting point for your marketing endeavours. This can include Brochures, Flyers, comprehensive Inclusion Lists and additional “soft” copy marketing materials. Couple these with a set of professional Colour Boards (based on your internal colour schemes) and the beginning touches in creating your unique campaign have begun.

3D Renderings – this can be the most crucial element to your marketing campaign. Get this wrong and your whole marketing campaign could be a complete waste of time. A poorly sourced representation of your development can be a major deterrent rather than providing an inspiring visual to your prospective purchasers. Marketing to a residential purchaser is much more about emotion, lifestyle and aspiration, so the imagery sets the tone and mood to a potential purchaser. The quality of the renders goes a long way to help set the quality expectations of the project. We like to use a range of visuals through the build up of your campaign as we introduce elements of the project to the public. These can range from early architectural impressions, wireframes, locations/views and “white block” images. These can be used to build the anticipation for a project prior to its actual launch. Important considerations to your rendering outcomes could include: Backing Plate

  • Camera Angle
  • Cut Through
  • Eye Level
  • Fly Through
  • Ground Plane
  • Use of a “Hummingbird” Render
  • Light Bounce
  • Streetscape
  • Texture

Digital Marketing – our digital marketing approach is a little more sophisticated than just throwing a few renders online at “domain” or “” and waiting for the leads to flow. Pre-release is about creating awareness, creating interest and curiosity to build demand for your project even before we release to the “portals”.

Whilst many agencies will talk about their “social media” strategies, they do little more than throwing a post on their own social pages and appear to their (mostly) previous vendor base.

When looking at your specific marketing campaign we may consider:

  • Project Specific Website
  • Teaser Site
  • Targeted Paid Social Media Campaigns
  • Banner Ads
  • Pay Per Click
  • Pay Per View
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Reviewing the analytics of any campaign will provide key data in targeting ongoing marketing spend efficiently.

Drone Photography – Highlight a property’s unique landscape with high-impact images to attract attention. A drone photo can show so much, but adding location tags can help relate a project to a purchaser’s preferences. These can include specific views purchasers can expect from particular units. Throw in the ability to include a fly-by can elevate this feature to the next level.

Site Activation – provides an opportunity to generate enquiry and interest in the project 7 days a week. Wrapping the site fencing can promote and highlight the features of the project.

Tablets/Touchscreens/Computers – having sales collateral easily accessible allows agents to easily find and display floorplans, view lines and other visualisations. Accessibility and flexibility are key, if your prospective purchasers can’t come to us, maybe we can come to them.

Marketing Suites – the focus on any display is very much on the quality of the fixtures and finishes. The general assumption is that buyers are already familiar with the area and will need less selling on the local amenity. Best suited to projects with high volume or in a prestige/high price point market.

Interactive Model – a physical scale model of your project to provide a interactive 3D representation of your project. This could include interactive lighting to demonstrate the location and availability of specific units, or show at precinct-level to show the surrounding area and local amenities

Video/TV Ad – In creating a marketing video, the emphasis is on creating a vision of the reality you are asking people to live in, so the focus is on lifestyle and comfort. Location often becomes the focus of this production and a clear understanding of the features and benefits you are trying to convey to the end purchaser is an important consideration. This could feature on a website, be provided to enquirers as well as featured as part of a display suite.

VR/Augmented Reality – immersive visualisation technologies are playing a greater level of detail to the buyer’s experience, which may be a consideration typically for higher end projects. 3D walkthroughs/Interactive Floorplans have begun to be more commonly used; however, your imagination is your limit in this rapidly growing field.


Let’s be clear, Project Marketing is different to normal residential sales. If anyone suggests any different, they haven’t sold Projects. Projects are about selling a dream, it’s about emotion, lifestyle, and aspiration.

And it’s hard.

We are not an email response service. We don’t believe in a shot gun approach, “casting the net” wide, crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. We believe in targeted marketing and follow up. The process of converting Project Sales isn’t about emailing out a brochure and “waiting” for the order.

We work with potential buyers, we communicate, educate, qualify, explain, clarify, and negotiate. With a clear and unified vision from the outset, along with outstanding marketing collateral, we are positioned to deliver consistent sales results.

Delivery of your final product to the end user is a key ingredient to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition to your new owners. Through regular construction meetings, progress photos and updates we continually engage with clients to keep them educated, informed and confident during the build process.

This includes managing purchaser expectations through the final inspection process and managing any defects with the build team.