Application Tips

Applying to rent

Our properties are largely available to inspect via open for inspections and times will be displayed accordingly. If a time is not displayed please contact the leasing consultant who is listed on the property to enquire further.

Prospective tenants can apply for a property by submitting a 1Form application online or completing an application form which can be downloaded here or collected from reception. The application form is required to be completed in full detail with references provided where appropriate. As our company has a major responsibility in leasing and managing the property, it is essential that we check credentials before properties are let.

Once an application is approved, a Tenancy Agreement is raised for the landlord and the tenant to sign. It is a legally binding agreement whereby both parties agree to abide by conditions set out in the agreement.

Prior to signing this agreement, the tenant is required to pay their bond (equivalent to 4 weeks rent) directly to the Rental Bond Board (RBB). The RBB hold onto the bond in trust for the tenant until it is released back to the tenant upon a successful completion of the tenancy.

At the signing of this agreement, the tenant is then required pay a further 2 weeks rent in advance to the agency, either by way of bank cheque, eftpos or BPay.

Before taking occupancy of the premises, our company will complete a detailed Ingoing Condition Report as evidence to how the property has been presented to the tenant. The tenant has seven days to make any corrections to this report before signing it and returning it to our agency.

Click here for NSW rentals legislation and advice.

Rental Application Guidelines

Please be assured that all information provided in your application will remain confidential and not discussed with any other party with the exceptions of the owner and as required for the purpose of processing your application.

Please allow two business days to process your application. Processing does not always take this long, however, the property owner must be consulted prior to the decision being made and they are not always immediately accessible. Delays may also be incurred if the application is not completed correctly.

For identification purposes, please supply a photocopy of your current drivers license or passport.

It is your responsibility to arrange to have all services connected in your name to coincide with your date of occupation. To Assist with this, we will arrange for our service partners at MyConnect to contact you. MyConnect is a free, no-obligation service offering a range of options to suit your needs. Whether you simply need your electricity and gas connected, a new phone connection, or even if you need the help of a removalist, they have an option to suit you – all in one simple phone call, at no cost to you.

Ask for help if you are not sure. Rental property management is an important part of our business. We are conscious of developing a professional relationship with all of our tenants. We are here to help you. If you are unsure or concerned about any aspect of this application, your call is welcome.

If your application has been unsuccessful it will be destroyed.